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The magic

8172497594_e05727972c_b… But there’s one form of transportation that seems to transcend the usual angst and to which most travelers fell drawn – the train…

…In a plane you’re lucky if you get a few nice views, but on a train that’s all you have. I’ve spent hours doing nothing but looking across the landscape as the train has raced past farms and flower fields. Add to that the fact that train stations are necessarily well located, usually in the center of town and you have an experience that requires very little effort but which returns a maximum level of enjoyment…

Comment: “There’s a romanticism about train travel that you don’t get from the air or car – it’s watching the countryside go by, the big cities and even the dying little towns of the past.”

Comment: “For me, the train allows you to see the lie of the land as it were – gets you a bit closer to the culture and geography of a place and generally helps you feel less like a stranger in a foreign land!”