The Forest and the City

Bois de Boulogne (1)
This book presents comprehensive coverage of city forests as cultural-historical phenomenon in Europe. It will help in the understanding of the changing relationships between forests, nature and urbanizing society and gives a lively account of interesting theme in environmental history.

Amsterdamse BosBois de BoulogneEpping ForestGrunewaldSonian Forest: throughout history, cities in Europe and elsewhere have developed close relationships with nearby woodland areas. In some cases, cities have even developed – and in some cases are promoting – a distinct ‘forest identity’. This book introduces the rich heritage of these city forests as cultural landscapes, and shows that cities and forests can be mutually beneficial. >>

“As its title suggests, this book explores the relationships between cities and forests. … throughout the book there are numerous references to non-European city–forest relations, particularly those in North America. … this is a timely volume. It integrates narrative, historical and academic analysis, and is concisely written and well illustrated. It is an enjoyable read and a welcome addition to the usual academic and forestry literature.” (Lawrence Kitchen, Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, Vol. 12 (1), March, 2010) >>

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