Guiding and Guarding

Guiding and guardingAgainst the background of global developments as described in the Global Risks Report 2017 by the World Economic Forum, one may assume that our governments will and are able to act as steward (the black king) to guide and guard society in the transitions we face in the emerging set of multipolar worlds. To guide and guard.

The developments in front of us are numerous: increasing high debt (we spend more than we can afford), demographic change, growing inequality, pervasive corruption, short-termism and unequal distribution of the benefits of existing welfare. Against the background of decreasing trust of citizens and business enterprises in their government and politicians, the fading democracies, many social disruptions and decreasing cohesion, heavy environmental pollution and the increasing dangers from climate change, that is quite something.

Firm stands the steward king at the shore to project its’ people and public values from the incoming waves of threats, uncertainties and public risks. A king which moves between the pristine (Pantone™) and the high risk red (Pantone™) squares of the public canvas. Challenging. Who will step forward?