Government as steward


Photo: Computer Waste by The Guardian

By Jack P. Kruf

Society and disruption
It started with the attacks on World Trade and Madrid, the Tsunami, Katrina, the financial scandal of Enron, climate change , problems in the supply of clean water, unexpected riots in the suburbs of our cities, the murder of a Dutch pol
itician, the stress around the Danish cartoon, the massacre in Virginia Tech, the financial crisis.  You might ask wether our public values are fundamentally in danger. Risks in the public domain seem to emerge everywhere.

The emerging social and environmental risks on such a large scale, does raise the question, if we are truly balanced. The emerging risks show us how fragile society is and that we are crossing the lines of irreversible damage and disruption.

Some of us are worried about this, others are as optimistic as ever and say it will all turn well again, point that it is probably part of the complexity of society itself and  that the natural environment can easily recover. Often assumptions which had been nesting in the conviction-area’s of our brain.

More and more psychology and socio-psychology researchers discover that citizen are simply are switching off their own alert-buttons. Are we petrified, in the literal sense of the word? Or do citizens simply trust their government on their right response to the challenges before us?  Read more in our publication ‘Stewardship’ iBookstore >