EU states lose up 1/3 of honeybees/yr

Survey finds beehives died off at higher rates in north of continent.

Europe is facing a systematic decrease of his bee population for years now. It seems that government is still in a search to find the real causes. One thing should be kept in mind, that a structural decrease will affect our food production. It is a wake-up call for us all. The European Union invests in systematic research.


Nature, article by Daniel Cressey

“The first major Europe-wide survey of honeybee colonies has revealed that some countries are losing as many as one-third of their colonies every winter, but the result is still better than some feared. Declines in bee numbers have received huge public attention in recent years, with numerous hives succumbing to ‘colony collapse disorder’.

The blame has been pinned on parasites, insecticide use and changed farming practises. But detailed information on the true level of decline in bee numbers has been scarce.

At a high-level conference in Brussels on 7 April, the European Union Reference Laboratories for honeybee health, revealed the results of its survey of 17 European Union member states.”  Read article >

Pathologist Marie-Pierre Chauzat:

“we think that the threshold should be 10%”. If that is the case, then the honeybee death rate is unacceptable in almost two-thirds of the member states. “There are a lot of countries that are above this threshold. “We’re not happy to see that,”

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