Effective policies & Thomas Edison

edison There is this estimate, made in a in-depth discussion with public leaders and city managers from 12 countries all over Europe, that 12% of policy plans is actual effective. 88% is not.

One of the main reasons brought forward is the broken chain between idea-strategy-policy-organisation-process-delivery. The creation process to find answers on social and environment challenges as well as  the actual delivery process and proper interaction with citizens and society are vulnerable and often weakly developed.

Whatever strategy is chosen and policy plans are developed, the organisation and its processes should at the end be entirely designed to deliver to the clients. In the public domain the clients are the citizens, society itself and the natural environment in which society is embedded. A challenge for public leaders.

According to Maria Giudice – in her book Rise of the DEO – is one of the characteristics of the new leader, the Design Executive Officer that he/she is able to GSD (“Get the Shit Done” to deliver). Leaders, in her view, deliver.

Inventor and businessman Thomas Edison already saw the relevance of the interconnectedness between a good idea and actual delivery of products and services. Edison (source: wiki and quoted by Giudice  ):

“Ideas without execution are hallucinations.”

Quite a new perspective on public governance.