Sharing our stories

By Jack P. Kruf. With this new magazine public governance is put into the center of our attention. Governance in general and public governance in particular. Not the content, not the power and influence, not the accidents, crises or disasters, not the plans, programs and policies as such. No. The focus is on the way they interact and are managed, designed and engineered into the heart of the public domain – i.e. our streets, neighbourhoods, villages and cities and last but not least the natural environment. And share a light on public governance works out and what the backgrounds and crucial factors are for it success or failure. And how it connects or disconnects people and organizations.

So, this is actually a magazine for architects and designers. Of public governance. Developed to share the knowledge and experience what works and what doesn’t work so well or not at all. So it is for public leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, scientists, but also for craftsmen as environmentalists, engineers, psychologists, legal and financial officers, neuro-linguists and economists and last but not least for all citizens/inhabitants who experience the public governance day by day. That good public governance should be the standard seems to be logic considering the fact that all citizens actual pay and work for this: via taxes, efforts and work.

It is about a journey which in Europe started with the Greek κυβερνήτης (i.e. steersman, helmsman, pilot, captain) Odysseus, developed via Charlemagne, the Middle Ages and Renaissance until now into our full struggle in the financial and economic crisis.

This magazine has been developed on the international tables of the Union des Dirigeants Territoriaux de l’Europe (UDITE) and the Public Risk Management Organisation (PRIMO).

There is this unanimous and strong conviction – derived from the many meetings and conversations between CEO’s and city managers throughout Europe – that by more sharing of our knowledge and experiences we can improve public governance. By learning from each others insights and successes. We need to share our stories, because we are in a common business: taking care for and manage our cities, villages, streets and parks. Stewards of the public domain. And we all face the same challenges.

With this magazine we focus on connecting the most important ‘players’ in the public domain: our common public values, citizens and society as a whole, natural environment, politics, governmental management, business and entrepreneurship, media, science and stakeholders.